Action! LinkedIn to “Knowing vs Doing”

LinkedIn Endorsement Screen Capture

LinkedIn Endorsement Screen Capture

Guess why I recently upgraded my LinkedIn profile to premium?

  1. I’m a student looking for a job?
  2. Lots of money to blow!
  3. I’m a cheap guy and it was free for a month…
  4. Combo of 1 & 3

If you guessed 4, you’re correct! After viewing the free [for a month] upgrade email in my inbox, I decided why not? Compulsively I had to ‘fix’ my profile after upgrading since it may gain more exposure. Then, this endorsement activity shows up.

I clicked though lots of yeah this person knows this, and no they don’t really know this… but here’s my point.

How important is it to “know about” something?

Instead, the emphasis or focus should be on:

How well does this person do or embody a specific skill or characteristic?

Approving our connection’s skills and characteristics asks us to vouch for their knowledge of skill X or embodiment of characteristic Y.  However, the question “Does so&so know about Leadership?” point blank with no context focuses on head knowledge. (N.B. I read the overall question of “What skills or expertise do your other connections have?” and for the sake of this post, lets ignore that.)

For me, head knowledge is less valuable compared to experience, yet necessary for experiencing something well. Think about… how much you know by reading or knowing of something or someone? How about when you are doing it or experiencing it? More powerful right?

I’m alluding to the power of experiential learning either in the classroom, or in the working world. This is an Aristotelian idea where we can “live the good life’ by having good character developed through the art and craft, by practice and experience of specific characteristics = doing or to be.

My frustration’s how long and how much effort it takes to develop in this way. Developing people this way requires risk and investment, which most employers/teachers/etc are afraid to do. People without experience are then screwed and must go find or make their own experiences. The great thing is YOU CAN!

Here are some questions for you to comment on below, but also questions I ask of myself. What kind of life do you want to live? What characteristics and skills are you going to practice? How are you going to do them and how often?

Till next time… Cheers,


Dear First-Year Me Part 1

Dear First-Year Me,

I know, I know, I KNOW. MAN time flies! Remember when I started this blog in my second year of my Undergraduate Speech Communication Program at University of Waterloo? I finished second year (kind of) and decided to flee for fabulous France!

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Oh the Memories…

I can’t keep reminiscing on my past since right now… since a blog post’s due in 10 minutes for my second year English Technical Writing in class assignment. I regret not completing this self-reflection earlier in my scholarly life (say when this blog started). I think life could be very different yet I may not have taken this course which I quite like. So… This is an opportunity to tell myself from the present to myself in the past 8 (ideally 13) lessons to live by.

Niagara on the Lake - Good place to ponder

Niagara on the Lake – Good place to ponder

  • START everything to about 25% competition
  • Remember your kindergarten ABP’s Always Be Present (both in person and in writing)
  • Prudently CHOOSE how many things you start
  • AVOID tardiness
  • Perfection is not the end goal – so JUST START something
  • FOCUS on the people you love and activities you love doing
  • BE YOURSELF (cliche yes) and forget pretending to be anyone else
  • Learn to MOVE ON

Pondering back, the lessons I’ve learned are lived experiences. I can expand on these in separate posts and I may do so in the future. For now, I will leave you with a link to my Colour Story I’ve created for myself, to remain true to myself, as a way to express myself



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I don’t know what this is but I want one. Mayer took the photo, maybe he’ll give me one of these for my birthday.

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